*walking around in italy n go in 2 a house a guy ask who I am n i answer* Name is Kairi Sparrow I need crew 2 my ship x3


Okay i whould like you to accauly watch the WHOLE seirese first casue this my give away the end.

Welcome to The Death Wepon Miester Acadmy!
Here we train students to fight agiast the Kishin and stopthem from ruling the world.

Hope fully you know what Wepons and Miesters are….if you dont..

Miester- a human the weilds a wepon and her or his job in to turn the wepon they weild into a death wepon

Wepon- a human that can trasform into a one wepon and is weiled by a Miester. For a wepon to bcome a Death Wepon it needs to eat 99 Kieshin eggs and one witch soul.

i know this isnt really clear sooo watch the seires!!

No godmodding if you do i will kick you out!
Not all souls wave links are compatible rember that
Wepons can only be ONE wepon
PLEASE PM me you profiles
If you dont follws any of these face my wrath
i will add more rulez later


When a new hedgehog passed out in front of Chris house with blood on her body and no memory about anything. she needs the help of Sonic and his friends to get her memories back with the power of the chaos emeralds to get her memories back.


When a werid space pod crash outside of Knothole a brand new mission begins for the freedom fighters. Also a new evil villians appaer and take Sonic away during the same night as the pod fell and now has made Sonic his hunter to find the girl and bring her back to his master. Can the freedom figthers protect the girl and get Sonic back with them?

Rules and guidelines

1. I’m going to pay Sandy the Hedgehog

2. Sonic is hyponists by the villian named Dark Lord Thomaset

3. Anyone of the freedom fighters ( from the show) can find Sandy in the pod

4. Romance and Curse words are allowed

5. Anyone that wants to join this may set it to me under one of these two things for a freedom fighter ” Protect Sandy.” and for a hunter that works for Tomaset. ” Kidnapped the girl.”

6. Just have fun.


I am Amelia Pond and I had an imaginary friend. One day my imaginary friend came back and we’ve been running ever since. 
I am Rose Tyler for the first seventeen years of my life, nothing happen. Then I meet a man called the Doctor and I ran with him. Now I’m a world a part form my Doctor and I haven’t stop running. 
I am also Amelia Pond, I live here in this world with my best friend Rory. We spend most of our days walking in the park and working at our little quite little strange shop called Amy’s place. I meet Rose Tyler one day and she told me about this other world and about man called the Doctor. I want to run too. 
I am the Eleventh  Doctor and I don’t want to die. I’ve always feared dyeing, I always want to keep running. I have all the time in the world in my “sexy” blue box. Amy told me I was going to die sometime in the way future. I don’t want to, I can’t, I have to do something. Maybe I’ll go back in time and tell myself, maybe I could stop, just maybe.

The Rules
I am the Queen. I have to right to change any of my rules or add more rules. I will only do this if I see something I don’t like or do like.
This is a semi-lit role-play I am not asking you to write a book, I just want at the least 3 sentences. Now for spelling and grammar, I understand mistakes, but please try to use spell check when you can.
I do not want any Mary-sues They ruin the fun of the role-play and just end up annoying the other people. Do not be a Mary-sue, if you don’t know what that is GOOGLE it.
You must post at least twice a week. The more you post though the better you are. I understand you have a life. P.M me if you are going to be gone for a long period of time.
Hogwarts is full of students with different backgrounds, different races, and different sexual preferences If you do not respect them and you are over doing the teasing I will kick you out and might report you. I will not tolerate hate.
Please use a picture of real a real person. It’s just something I prefer.
You are allowed up to three cannons unless I state otherwise.
You are allowed as many original characters you want, but you must be able to handle all of them. Colour coding will become your new best friend.
Make you post pretty. If you don’t know how to do that P.M and I can help.
Stick to the Gaia’s TOS.
Keep it PG-13 in here. Cursing is allowed but don’t do it every other word. Romance is highly recommended but keep it clean. Time skip if you must. It’s rude to the other people who are in here.
No TXT Talk. It just shows me the lack of knowledge you have.
No God Modding. I hate it and I pretty sure everyone else does too.
If you are talking OOC please use these: ((BLAH BLAH ))
Do Not post unless I told you, you may.
Don’t be rude.
If you break any of my rules, I only give you three warnings. This counts as your first one you got two more to go. I will P.M you if you get out of hand.
So, I know you read and understood my rules: When you send me your profile title it “This is the story of….”


there was a war doing on. the king and queen send one brave and loyal knight to take their princess away from all the fighting. during the long traveling with they have strong feeling for each other , will they fight and not agree with each other or will the enemies find they.

name: princess jessica
bio:jessica loves to sing, and to be free. she doesnt like being bossed around or people doing what she can handle

Name: Kurai Okami
Bio: Kurai went evil from the start. being neglected by everyone. hate grow inside him. he plans on taking the anger out on everyone around him. they say that it’s still hope for him to change, but no one seems to be able to do it.
Weapons: and special that only works for him, an hidden blade, a bow
Race: Demon/human
Powers: his eyes is the key to his powers


If your interested pm. I will be my OC Emma Dufrost, an apprentice for Hagrid. The story will probably be set where/whenever you want. It can consist of whatever genre you want but you have tell me in the pm.I’m better at romance but ill do whatever. If it is romance you gotta be above 18. And i love my snarky asshole Snape so no random instant like please
My OC looks like me bit in HP world robes

[insert semi-topdown picture of girl with highly visible boobs]


This is the first crossover and it may be cool, SO i need main stars. Here they are(sorry if i misspell names, some of them are spelled weird):
Buffy Summers[TAKEN/open]
Willow Rosenburg/Evil willow[TAKEN/open]
Dawn Summers[/open]
The Master[/open]
The Evil Dead (Necronomicon given flesh)[/open]
Ashly Jay Williams[TAKEN/open]

Profile lay out

Im good at:
A little extra: (optinal)

In the year 2013 Buffy is done training Dawn and there are two Slayers (not counting faith which if you want you can be) Spike and Angle have become partners and own a detective agencey. Xanders and Anya have become married. Giles has trained Willow to control her dark side and to call forth the powers when needed. However Buffy feels an old evil trying to break through, the Master! With a recent break in at a museum only one item was stolen by a gang of hooded men (needed), Necronomicon ex mortus, the book of the dead. Now being the kind soul Buffy is, she beat down the hooded guy who had the book and brought it to Giles. Giles read from it unleashing the Evil Dead. The true being that was the book. Now two heros and a gang of friends must stop the Evil from resurrecting the master, or the world will be destroyed.Ash however doesn’t want this anymore but he gets caught in it, after all Sunnydale just got a new S-mart opened and Ash was prime for manager there….


After Harry Potter and his friends and enemys left school, their kids came. And that is what this RP is for, their kids. There are kids related to the old students, or new ones. There is nothing attacking the school, or at least nothing as bad as Voldemort. The school was ridden of voldemort long before, and he can’t come back. The houses are still the same, but led by different people. Are you a Slytherin, Grifendor, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff?

1: I know you’ve heard this onethousand times, but No Goddmodding!
2: Fill out the skelly for the pm. Don’t forget!
3: title the PM “What’s my house?”
4: i will choose what house you get.
5:You must be able to post once a week
6 You may have as many people as you can handel
7 new rules will be added in Green.
8: You must post at least one paragraph. No one liners!
9: OMG, i forgot!!!! Rated PG13
10: I will pm what your house is.

Welcome to the floating city of Columbia

America along with most of the world after the fallout of 2012 took to the skies. The worlds population was reduced greatly, The remaining human life has taken up to this vast city and has used steam, wind,rails, and even earths natural energy to keep the great city alive. But around the world others wish to rise up to columbia and leave the dangerous, mutated creature filled earth that has become the planets surface. Matthew Palmer the Mayor of the sky city has waged war against foreigners trying to reach the city. The drastic battle has gone on for years of keeping illegal persons out of th city. “This is an american city, while others fall we americans were worthy of taking to the sky,Where the others fall we will always rise!” are the words of Mattew Palmer and he enforces his word greatly with the new police task force known as “Cruel Hands” which are normal police officers with not so normal advancements like completely steel mega arms torso and legs, giving them the ability to be much stonger and much faster than the normal human being. Matthews inventions have made the sky city completey liveable by normal human beings. He created energy viles for the average woking man to be a little “more” than average, he also created a speedy way of travel known as th sky hooks, small arm attachments that can be carried around where ever you go that give you the ability to ride the rails buit all around the city.

It is now 2022 and the city is in a depression, Matthew Palmer and the other Aristocrats sit in theheight of the city keeping out foreigners while a rebellion trying to aid the other humans of the world into the city sits in the slums. This rebellion is Led by a group known as The Basterdsons. The war between the Aristocrats and The Basterdsons led by a Mr. Andrew “The Barber” Baterdson himself, with the common folk in between. What will become of the sky city or the rest of the world for that matter.Only way to be certain is to follow the story and tales of COLUMBIA!

1.Follow gaia TOS
2. No gods or kings only man ( no god modding of any kind)
3.do not kill a player with out permission from i or the charecter
4.Lit/semi lit/adv lit
5. Title your pmed messege to me “God save Columbia” so i know youve read the rules
6.Idc about blood and gore or swearing just no cybering. Romance is encouraged.
7.I can add or subtract rules
8. Enjoy